Ch. Karola’s Xerxes, BN, RN, CGC, WD, JH

Sire:Bencleuch Border Reiver
Dam: Karola’s Quality Line
Whelped:  May 24, 2010

OFA Hips- Good
OFA Patellas- Normal
OptiGen PRCD- Normal
OptiGen FN- Normal

Achievements: CJ was bred by Karoline Krainz, Karola’s Cockers, Austria.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family and has proven a useful sire in our breeding program.  From his first litters, he has several major pointed get, as well as his first champion, Ch. Itoba Good Day Sunshine. CJ has been a phenomenal performance dog, doing whatever is asked of him!  He earned an obedience title, a rally title a working dog title and a field title all in the same year.  A truly extraordinary dog!


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRECzCh. Bencleuch’s Border Reiver (BR)


Lennoxgrove Ole of Palacecraig (BR)

Palacecraig Sultan of Swing (BR)
Lennoxgrove Tamarisk (BR)
Bencleuch By Return (BR)
Lynwater Rising Sun (OR)
Spinneyhill Sapphire at Fonesse (BR)


 Karola’s Quality Line (OR)

Royal Friend Invisible Results (BR)

Lynwater Rock Rose (BR)
Night Fever of Royal’s (BR)
Karola’s Oh! La La (BR) Foness Fanfare (BR)
Karola’s Nuckili (BR)