CH Chace And the Beat Goes On

OFA Hips: Pending
 Patellas: Normal
PRCD: Clear by parentage/EMBARK
FN: Clear by parentage/EMBARK
EIC: Clear/Embark

AMS: Clear/Embark
BAER: Normal
Thyroid: Pending
AON: Clear by parentage

Achievements: Thank you Margaret Thorpe for letting Fletcher join our crew!  Fletcher lives with Ed and Mary Lindsey and is getting his basic field work and agility training!  He finished in less than a dozen show with a Best of Breed over specials!

Parents Grand Parents Great Grand Parents
Cr/Slo CH Della Fiumana Hit That Perfect Beat (BR)
Cr SHCH Craigdean Seeyujimmy (BR)
Eng SHCH Kyna By Request (BR)
CH Craigdean Izakokr (BR)
Cr/Slo SHCH Della Fiumana Brivido Blue (BR) NI SHCH Lapidary Freelander (BR)
CH Della Fiumana Mama Mia (BR)
CH Whitfield’s I Dig the Queen (BR)
GCH Whitfield’s Can You Dig It? (BR)
Eng SHCH Bitcon Let’s Dance (BR)
CH Boxhill Whitfield’s Dance Til Dawn (BR)

CH Whitfield’s Prom Queen (BW)

Tvaeraa Dexter (BW)
Whitfield’s Boo’ya Moon (BR)