Ch. Itoba Dr. Science, ECM

Ch. Itoba Dr. Science, ECM, whelped 7/27/94 has been an instrumental sire in the success of our breeding program. “Ted” finished from the Bred-by Exhibitor classes, and was shown very sparingly as a special, receiving multiple group placements. Bred to only 10 bitches, he produced 15 champions, several with performance titles.

Out of :
Ch. Chesabrit’s  Afternoon Delight                                                 Ch. Carefree’s Oscar Nominee
– Ch. Itoba Whaddya’ Know?                                                           -Ch. Carefree’s Doctor’s Orders (Whelped 7/25/02)
– Ch. Itoba All Things Considered                                                   -Ch. Carefree’s Witch Doctor, BN RA CGC
– Ch. Itoba Special Edition
– Itoba Sunday Edition, NA, NA

Ch. Royale’s Mysterious Ways                                                       Ch. Daisymead’s Full of Grace
-Ch. Royale’s Mistic Knight (Whelped 12/12/04)                            -Ch. Itoba Kansas City Blues (Whelped 9/22/97)

Ch.Topper’s Makin Whoopi                                                            Ch. Daisymead’s Funny Valentine
-Ch. Itoba  Daisymead’s True Love (Whelped 5/30/97)                 -Ch. Daisymead’s Goose Gift, UD, RN, WD, TDIAA (Whelped 9/19/05)

Ch. Glen Oaks Dolly Decoy                                                            Ch. Itoba Heart’s Desire
-Ch. Glen Oaks Dr. Itoba (Whelped 6/24/05)                                 -Ch. Itoba Stratocaster (Whelped 12/7/00)
-Ch. Glen Oaks Soup and Quackers                                              -Ch. Itoba Ruby Slippers
-Ch. Glen Oaks Happy Go Ducky

CH. Daisymead’s Gotta Have Faith
-Ch. Itoba Purplehart Abracadabra  (Whelped 11/9/99)

Ch. Itoba Kansas City Blues

Ch. Carefree’s Doctor’s Orders


Ch. Chesarbrit’s Afternoon Delight
(Itoba Trifecta x Daisymead’s Rave Revue)

“Sally”, Ch. Chesarbrit’s Afternoon Delight, whelped 3/15/93 was Ted’s first mate.  From that litter, three males completed conformation titles: Ch. Itoba Whaddya’ Know, Ch. Itoba  All Things Considered and Ch. Itoba Special Edition.  Another littermate, Itoba Sunday Edition, NA, NAJ earned titles in Agility.

Ch. Itoba All Things Considered
 Ch. Itoba Special Edition


Ch. Itoba Whaddy’ Know

“Crunchy”, nee” Crush”, aka” Cheese Dog” was only bred once, but what an impact this single breeding proved to have.  “Crunchy’s” sole mate was Daisymead’s Heart of Gold, “Dinah”.  From that litter, came Ch. Itoba Heart’s Desire the red bitch and the black dog, Ch. Itoba Just like George.

Daismead’s Heart of Gold(Ch. Canterbury’s Golden Touch x Ch. Topper’s Makin’ Whoopi)

Ch. Itoba Heart’s Desire

 Ch. Itoba Heart’s Desire, whelped 9/13/97, finished quickly, winning her final points handled by my daughter Julia, who was 9 years old at the time.  Shortly afterwards, it was discovered that “Birdie” was in whelp.  This “immaculate conception” was later proved to be sired by Ch. Itoba Special Edition, who had been visiting to obtain his title.  From this litter came Ch. Itoba Heart of the Matter, whelped 12/10/98.  It was from Birdie’s second litter that produced the phenomenal blue bitch, Ch. Itoba Heart of America, ECM.  Her final litter to her grandsire produced the orange dog, Ch. Itoba Stratocaster and the black and tan bitch, Ch. Itoba Ruby Slippers.

Ch. Itoba Heart of the Matter


Ch. Itoba Heart of America


Ch. Itoba Ruby Slippers

Ch. Itoba Stratocaster


Ch. Itoba Dr. Science’s second mate was the black and tan bitch, Ch. Topper’s Makin’ Whoopi.  From this mating came the lovely black and white bitch, Ch. Itoba Daisymead’s True Love.  “LoriAnn” was Best Puppy at the American Spaniel Club in 1998 and completed her title easily from the Puppy and Bred By Exhibitor classes.Ch. Itoba Daisymead True Love

In collaboration with Missy Davis, Purplehart English Cockers, several champions were produced.  Ted was bred to Ch. Daisymead’s Gotta Have Faith, owned by Missy and bred by Barbara Murphy of Daisymead English Cockers.   From this mating came, Ch. Itoba Purplehart Abracadabra.  “Mimi” completed her on December 7, 1999 under breeder-judge Bill Dwelly.  Mimi was bred to Ch. Daisymead’s Playboy, and the the resulting litter born 7/2/2002, contained Ch. Purplehart Itoba Double Take.  “Emily” completed her title easily and was subsequently bred to Ch. Glen Oaks Dr. Itoba, a Dr. Science son.

Ch. Daisymead’s Gotta Have Faith
Ch. Itoba Purplehart Abracadabra